Source code for obspy.taup.taup_pierce

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Pierce point calculations.
from __future__ import (absolute_import, division, print_function,
from future.builtins import *  # NOQA

from .taup_time import TauPTime

[docs]class TauPPierce(TauPTime): """ The methods here allow using TauPTime to calculate the pierce points relating to the different arrivals. """
[docs] def __init__(self, model, phase_list, depth, degrees, receiver_depth=0.0): super(TauPPierce, self).__init__( model=model, phase_list=phase_list, depth=depth, degrees=degrees, receiver_depth=receiver_depth) self.only_turn_points = False self.only_rev_points = False self.only_under_points = False self.only_add_points = False self.add_depth = []
[docs] def depth_correct(self, depth, receiver_depth=None): """ Override TauPTime.depth_correct so that the pierce points may be added. """ orig_tau_model = self.model must_recalc = False # First check if depth_corrected_model is correct as it is. Check to # make sure source depth is the same, and then check to make sure # each add_depth is in the model. if self.depth_corrected_model.source_depth == depth: if self.add_depth: branch_depths = self.depth_corrected_model.getBranchDepths() for add_depth in self.add_depth: for branch_depth in branch_depths: if add_depth == branch_depth: # Found it, so break and go to the next add_depth. break # Didn't find the depth as a branch, so must # recalculate. must_recalc = True if must_recalc: break else: # The depth isn't event the same, so must recalculate must_recalc = True if not must_recalc: # Won't actually do anything much since depth_corrected_model != # None. TauPTime.depth_correct(self, depth, receiver_depth) else: self.depth_corrected_model = None if self.add_depth is not None: for add_depth in self.add_depth: self.model = self.model.split_branch(add_depth) TauPTime.depth_correct(self, depth, receiver_depth) self.model = orig_tau_model
[docs] def calculate(self, degrees): """ Call all the necessary calculations to obtain the pierce points. """ self.depth_correct(self.source_depth, self.receiver_depth) self.recalc_phases() self.arrivals = [] self.calculate_pierce(degrees)
[docs] def calculate_pierce(self, degrees): """ Calculates the pierce points for phases at the given distance by calling the calculate_pierce method of the SeismicPhase class. The results are then in self.arrivals. """ for phase in self.phases: self.arrivals += phase.calc_pierce(degrees)