class ClientDownloadHelper(client, client_name, restrictions, domain, mseed_storage, stationxml_storage, logger)[source]

Bases: builtins.object

  • client (obspy.fdsn.client.Client) An initialized FDSN client.
  • client_name (str) The name of the client. Only used for logging.
  • restrictions (Restrictions) The non-domain related restrictions for the query.
  • domain (Domain subclass) The domain definition.
  • mseed_storage The MiniSEED storage settings.
  • stationxml_storage The StationXML storage settings.
  • logger An active logger instance.


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Public Methods

discard_stations Discard all stations part of any of the already existing client download helper instances.
download_mseed Actually download MiniSEED data.
download_stationxml Actually download the StationXML files.
filter_stations_based_on_minimum_distance Removes stations until all stations have a certain minimum distance to each other.
get_availability Queries the current client for information on what stations are
prepare_mseed_download Prepare each Station for the MiniSEED downloading stage.
prepare_stationxml_download Prepare each Station for the StationXML downloading stage.
sanitize_downloads Should be run after the MiniSEED and StationXML downloads finished.

Private Methods


Private methods are mainly for internal/developer use and their API might change without notice.

_check_downloaded_data Read the downloaded data, set the proper status flags and remove
_remove_failed_and_ignored_stations Removes all stations that have no time interval with either exists

Special Methods

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