Client.get_waveforms_nscl(seedname, starttime, duration)[source]

Gets a regular expression of channels from a start time for a duration in seconds. The regular expression must represent all characters of the 12-character NNSSSSSCCCLL pattern e.g. “US.....[BSHE]HZ..” is valid, but “US.....[BSHE]H” is not. Complex regular expressions are permitted “US.....BHZ..|CU.....[BH]HZ..”


For detailed information regarding the usage of regular expressions in the query, see also the documentation for CWBQuery (“CWBQuery.doc”) available at ftp://hazards.cr.usgs.gov/CWBQuery/. Using ”.*” regular expression might or might not work. If the 12 character seed name regular expression is less than 12 characters it might get padded with spaces on the server side.

  • seedname (str) The 12 character seedname or 12 character regexp matching channels
  • start (UTCDateTime) The starting date/time to get
  • duration (float) The duration in seconds to get
Return type:



Stream object with requested data


>>> from obspy.clients.neic import Client
>>> from obspy import UTCDateTime
>>> client = Client()
>>> t = UTCDateTime() - 5 * 3600  # 5 hours before now
>>> st = client.get_waveforms_nscl("IUANMO BH.00", t, 10)
>>> print(st)  
3 Trace(s) in Stream:
IU.ANMO.00.BH... | 20.0 Hz, 201 samples
IU.ANMO.00.BH... | 20.0 Hz, 201 samples
IU.ANMO.00.BH... | 20.0 Hz, 201 samples