_EventMapperClient.get_list(limit=50, offset=None, localisation_method=None, author=None, min_datetime=None, max_datetime=None, min_first_pick=None, max_first_pick=None, min_last_pick=None, max_last_pick=None, min_latitude=None, max_latitude=None, min_longitude=None, max_longitude=None, min_magnitude=None, max_magnitude=None, min_depth=None, max_depth=None, used_p=None, min_used_p=None, max_used_p=None, used_s=None, min_used_s=None, max_used_s=None, document_id=None, **kwargs)[source]

Gets a list of event information.

For SeisHub versions < 1.4 available keys include “user” and “account”. In newer SeisHub versions they are replaced by “author”.
Return type:list
Returns:List of dictionaries containing event information.

The number of resulting events is by default limited to 50 entries from a SeisHub server. You may raise this by setting the limit option to a maximal value of 2500. Numbers above 2500 will result into an exception.