Inventory.write(path_or_file_object, format, **kwargs)[source]

Writes the inventory object to a file or file-like object in the specified format.

  • path_or_file_object File name or file-like object to be written to.
  • format (str) The file format to use (e.g. "STATIONXML"). See the Supported Formats section below for a list of supported formats.
  • kwargs Additional keyword arguments passed to the underlying plugin’s writer method.


>>> from obspy import read_inventory
>>> inventory = read_inventory()
>>> inventory.write("example.xml",
...                 format="STATIONXML")  

Supported Formats

Additional ObsPy modules extend the parameters of the write() method. The following table summarizes all known formats with write capability currently available for ObsPy.

Please refer to the Linked Function Call of each module for any extra options available.

Format Used Module Linked Function Call
CSS obspy.io.css obspy.io.css.station._write_css()
KML obspy.io.kml obspy.io.kml.core._write_kml()
SACPZ obspy.io.sac obspy.io.sac.sacpz._write_sacpz()
SHAPEFILE obspy.io.shapefile obspy.io.shapefile.core._write_shapefile()
STATIONTXT obspy.io.stationtxt obspy.io.stationtxt.core._write_stationtxt()
STATIONXML obspy.io.stationxml obspy.io.stationxml.core._write_stationxml()