read_inventory(path_or_file_object=None, format=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Function to read inventory files.

  • path_or_file_object File name or file like object. If this attribute is omitted, an example Inventory object will be returned.
  • format (str) Format of the file to read (e.g. "STATIONXML"). See the Supported Formats section below for a list of supported formats.
Return type:



An ObsPy Inventory object.

Additional args and kwargs are passed on to the underlying _read_X() methods of the inventory plugins.

Supported Formats

Additional ObsPy modules extend the functionality of the read_inventory() function. The following table summarizes all known file formats currently supported by ObsPy.

Please refer to the Linked Function Call of each module for any extra options available at the import stage.

Format Used Module Linked Function Call
INVENTORYXML obspy.io.arclink obspy.io.arclink.inventory._read_inventory_xml()
RESP obspy.io.xseed obspy.io.xseed.core._read_resp()
SC3ML obspy.io.seiscomp obspy.io.seiscomp.inventory._read_sc3ml()
SEED obspy.io.xseed obspy.io.xseed.core._read_seed()
STATIONTXT obspy.io.stationtxt obspy.io.stationtxt.core.read_fdsn_station_text_file()
STATIONXML obspy.io.stationxml obspy.io.stationxml.core._read_stationxml()
XSEED obspy.io.xseed obspy.io.xseed.core._read_xseed()


For handling additional information not covered by the StationXML standard and how to output it to StationXML see the ObsPy Tutorial.