Network.__init__(code, stations=None, total_number_of_stations=None, selected_number_of_stations=None, description=None, comments=None, start_date=None, end_date=None, restricted_status=None, alternate_code=None, historical_code=None, data_availability=None)[source]
  • code (str) The SEED network code.
  • total_number_of_stations (int) The total number of stations contained in this network, including inactive or terminated stations.
  • selected_number_of_stations The total number of stations in this network that were selected by the query that produced this document, even if the stations do not appear in the document. (This might happen if the user only wants a document that goes contains only information at the Network level.)
  • description (str, optional) A description of the resource
  • comments (list of Comment) An arbitrary number of comments to the resource
  • start_date (UTCDateTime, optional) The start date of the resource
  • end_date (UTCDateTime, optional) The end date of the resource
  • restricted_status (str, optional) The restriction status
  • alternate_code (str, optional) A code used for display or association, alternate to the SEED-compliant code.
  • historical_code (str, optional) A previously used code if different from the current code.
  • data_availability (DataAvailability) Information about time series availability for the network.