class Response(resource_id=None, instrument_sensitivity=None, instrument_polynomial=None, response_stages=None)[source]

Bases: obspy.core.util.base.ComparingObject

The root response object.


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Public Methods

get_evalresp_response Returns frequency response and corresponding frequencies using evalresp.
get_evalresp_response_for_frequencies Returns frequency response for given frequencies using evalresp.
get_paz Get Poles and Zeros stage.
get_sacpz Returns SACPZ ASCII text representation of Response.
get_sampling_rates Computes the input and output sampling rates of each stage.
plot Show bode plot of instrument response.
recalculate_overall_sensitivity Recalculates the overall sensitivity.

Private Methods


Private methods are mainly for internal/developer use and their API might change without notice.

_attempt_to_fix_units Internal helper function that will add units to gain only stages based on the units of surrounding stages.
_call_eval_resp_for_frequencies Returns frequency response for given frequencies using evalresp.
_get_overall_sensitivity_and_gain Get the overall sensitivity and gain from stages 1 to N.

Special Methods

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