BaseNode.__init__(code, description=None, comments=None, start_date=None, end_date=None, restricted_status=None, alternate_code=None, historical_code=None, data_availability=None)[source]
  • code (str) The SEED network, station, or channel code
  • description (str, optional) A description of the resource
  • comments (list of Comment, optional) An arbitrary number of comments to the resource
  • start_date (UTCDateTime, optional) The start date of the resource
  • end_date (UTCDateTime, optional) The end date of the resource
  • restricted_status (str, optional) The restriction status
  • alternate_code (str, optional) A code used for display or association, alternate to the SEED-compliant code.
  • historical_code (str, optional) A previously used code if different from the current code.
  • data_availability (DataAvailability) Information about time series availability for the network/station/channel.