Stream._rotate_to_zne(inventory, components=('Z12', '123'))[source]

Rotate all matching traces to ZNE, specifying sets of component codes.

>>> from obspy import read, read_inventory
>>> st = read("/path/to/ffbx_unrotated_gaps.mseed")
>>> inv = read_inventory("/path/to/ffbx.stationxml")
>>> st._rotate_to_zne(inv)  
<obspy.core.stream.Stream object at 0x...>
  • inventory (Inventory or Parser) Inventory or Parser with metadata of channels.
  • components (list or tuple or str) List of combinations of three (case sensitive) component characters. Rotations are executed in this order, so order might matter in very strange cases (e.g. if traces with more than three component codes are present for the same SEED ID down to the component code). For example, specifying components "Z12" would rotate sets of “BHZ”, “BH1”, “BH2” (and “HHZ”, “HH1”, “HH2”, etc.) channels at the same station. If only a single set of component codes is used, this option can also be specified as a string (e.g. components='Z12').