plot_radiation_pattern(mt, kind=['p_sphere', 'beachball'], coordinate_system='RTP', p_sphere_direction='inwards', fig=None, show=True)[source]

Plot the P/S farfield radiation pattern on a unit sphere grid.

The calculations are based on [Aki1980] eq. 4.29.

  • mt Focal mechanism NM x 6 (M11, M22, M33, M12, M13, M23 - the six independent components of the moment tensor, where the coordinate system is 1,2,3 = Up,South,East which equals r,theta,phi - Harvard/Global CMT convention). The relation to [Aki1980] x,y,z equals North,East,Down convention is as follows: Mrr=Mzz, Mtt=Mxx, Mpp=Myy, Mrt=Mxz, Mrp=-Myz, Mtp=-Mxy.
  • kind

    One of the following three options: * A list of strings or nested list of strings for a matplotlib plot

    • ‘mayavi’: uses the mayavi library (not yet available under Python 3 and problematic with anaconda)
    • ‘vtk’: This vtk option writes two vtk files to the current working directory. rpattern.vtk contains the p and s wave farfield vector field. beachlines.vtk contains the nodal lines of the radiation pattern. A vtk glyph filter should be applied to the vector field (e.g. in ParaView) to visualize it.
  • coordinate_system the only implemented option so far is ‘RTP’ (also called ‘USE’). Should be extended to support NED, DSE, NED in the future.
  • fig (matplotlib.figure.Figure) Figure instance to use.
  • show (bool) Whether to show the figure after plotting or not. Can be used to do further customization of the plot before showing it.

Matplotlib figure or None (if kind is “mayavi” or “vtk”)