_write_cnv(catalog, filename, phase_mapping=None, ifx_list=None, weight_mapping=None, default_weight=0)[source]

Write a Catalog object to CNV event summary format (used as event/pick input by VELEST program).


This function should NOT be called directly, it registers via the the write() method of an ObsPy Catalog object, call this instead.

  • catalog (Catalog) Input catalog for CNV output..
  • filename (str or file) Filename to write or open file-like object.
  • phase_mapping (dict) Mapping of phase hints to “P” or “S”. CNV format only uses a single letter phase code (either “P” or “S”). If not specified the following default mapping is used: ‘p’, ‘P’, ‘Pg’, ‘Pn’, ‘Pm’ will be mapped to “P” and ‘s’, ‘S’, ‘Sg’, ‘Sn’, ‘Sm’ will be mapped to “S”.
  • ifx_list (list of ResourceIdentifier) List of events for which the ‘IFX’ flag should be set (used in VELEST to fix the y coordinate of the hypocenter).
  • weight_mapping (list of float) Mapping of pick uncertainties to integer weights. (Sorted) list of floats of boundary uncertainties. If uncertainty of pick is lower than the first entry of the list than a weight of 0 is assigned. If it is larger than the first entry, but smaller than the second entry a weight of 1 is assigned, and so on. The list of uncertainty boundaries should not contain more than 9 entries because the integer weight is restricted to a single digit. If not specified all picks will be output with weight default_weight.
  • default_weight (int) Default weight to use when pick has no timing uncertainty and thus can not be mapped using weight_mapping parameter. Default weight should not be larger than 9, as the weight is represented as a single digit.