read_nlloc_hyp(filename, coordinate_converter=None, picks=None, **kwargs)[source]

Reads a NonLinLoc Hypocenter-Phase file to a Catalog object.


Coordinate conversion from coordinate frame of NonLinLoc model files / location run to WGS84 has to be specified explicitly by the user if necessary.


An example can be found on the nlloc submodule front page in the documentation pages.

  • filename File or file-like object in text mode.
  • coordinate_converter (func) Function to convert (x, y, z) coordinates of NonLinLoc output to geographical coordinates and depth in meters (longitude, latitude, depth in kilometers). If left None, the geographical coordinates in the “GEOGRAPHIC” line of NonLinLoc output are used. The function should accept three arguments x, y, z (each of type numpy.ndarray) and return a tuple of three numpy.ndarray (lon, lat, depth in kilometers).
  • picks (list of Pick) Original picks used to generate the NonLinLoc location. If provided, the output event will include the original picks and the arrivals in the output origin will link to them correctly (with their pick_id attribute). If not provided, the output event will include (the rather basic) pick information that can be reconstructed from the NonLinLoc hypocenter-phase file.
Return type: