read_sac(source, headonly=False, byteorder=None, checksize=False)[source]

Read a SAC binary file.

  • source (str or file) Full path string for File-like object from a SAC binary file on disk. If it is an open File object, open ‘rb’.
  • headonly (bool) If headonly is True, only read the header arrays not the data array.
  • byteorder (str {‘little’, ‘big’}, optional) If omitted or None, automatic byte-order checking is done, starting with native order. If byteorder is specified and incorrect, a SacIOError is raised.
  • checksize (bool) If True, check that the theoretical file size from the header matches the size on disk.

The float, integer, and string header arrays, and data array, in that order. Data array will be None if headonly is True.

Return type:

tuple of numpy.ndarray


ValueError if unrecognized byte order. IOError if file not found, incorrect specified byteorder, theoretical file size doesn’t match header, or header arrays are incorrect length.