write_sac_ascii(dest, hf, hi, hs, data=None)[source]

Write the header and (optionally) data arrays to a SAC ASCII file.

  • dest (str or file) Full path or File-like object from SAC ASCII file on disk.
  • hf (numpy.ndarray of floats) SAC float header array.
  • hi (numpy.ndarray of ints) SAC int header array.
  • hs (numpy.ndarray of strings) SAC string header array.
  • data (numpy.ndarray of float32 or None) SAC data array. If omitted or None, it is assumed that the user intends to overwrite/modify only the header arrays of an existing file. Equivalent to “writehdr”. If data is None, better make sure the header you’re writing matches any data already in the file.