RtTrace.append(trace, gap_overlap_check=False, verbose=False)[source]

Appends a Trace object to this RtTrace.

Registered real-time processing will be applied to copy of appended Trace object before it is appended. This RtTrace will be truncated from the beginning to RtTrace.max_length, if specified. Sampling rate, data type and trace.id of both traces must match.

  • trace (Trace) Trace object to append to this RtTrace
  • gap_overlap_check (bool, optional)

    Action to take when there is a gap or overlap between the end of this RtTrace and start of appended Trace:

    • If True, raise TypeError.
    • If False, all trace processing memory will be re-initialized to prevent false signal in processed trace.

    (default is True).

  • verbose (bool, optional) Print additional information to stdout

NumPy ndarray object containing processed trace data from appended Trace object.