get_geometry(stream, coordsys='lonlat', return_center=False, verbose=False)[source]

Method to calculate the array geometry and the center coordinates in km

  • stream Stream object, the trace.stats dict like class must contain an AttribDict with ‘latitude’, ‘longitude’ (in degrees) and ‘elevation’ (in km), or ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘elevation’ (in km) items/attributes. See param coordsys
  • coordsys valid values: ‘lonlat’ and ‘xy’, choose which stream attributes to use for coordinates
  • return_center Returns the center coordinates as extra tuple

Returns the geometry of the stations as 2d numpy.ndarray The first dimension are the station indexes with the same order as the traces in the stream object. The second index are the values of [lat, lon, elev] in km last index contains center [lat, lon, elev] in degrees and km if return_center is true