rel_calib_stack(st1, st2, calib_file, window_len, overlap_frac=0.5, smooth=0, save_data=True)[source]

Method for relative calibration of sensors using a sensor with known transfer function

  • st1 Stream or Trace object, (known)
  • st2 Stream or Trace object, (unknown)
  • calib_file (str or dict) file name of calibration file containing the PAZ of the known instrument in GSE2 standard or a dictionary with poles and zeros information (with keys 'poles', 'zeros' and 'sensitivity').
  • window_len (float) length of sliding window in seconds
  • overlap_frac (float) fraction of overlap, defaults to fifty percent (0.5)
  • smooth (float) variable that defines if the Konno-Ohmachi taper is used or not. default = 0 -> no taper generally used in geopsy: smooth = 40
  • save_data (bool) Whether or not to save the result to a file. If True, two output files will be created: * The new response in station_name.window_length.resp * The ref response in station_name.refResp Defaults to True

frequency, amplitude and phase spectrum

implemented after rel_calib_stack.c by M.Ohrnberger and J.Wassermann.