PPSD.plot_spectrogram(cmap=<matplotlib.colors.LinearSegmentedColormap object at 0x4310a34c>, clim=None, grid=True, filename=None, show=True)[source]

Plot the temporal evolution of the PSD in a spectrogram-like plot.


For example plots see the Obspy Gallery.

  • cmap (matplotlib.colors.Colormap) Specify a custom colormap instance. If not specified, then the default ObsPy sequential colormap is used.
  • clim (list) Minimum/maximum dB values for lower/upper end of colormap. Specified as type float or None for no clipping on one end of the scale (e.g. clim=[-150, None] for a lower limit of -150 dB and no clipping on upper end).
  • grid (bool) Enable/disable grid in histogram plot.
  • filename (str) Name of output file
  • show (bool) Enable/disable immediately showing the plot.