PPSD.plot_temporal(period, color=None, legend=True, grid=True, linestyle='-', marker=None, filename=None, show=True, **temporal_restrictions)[source]

Plot the evolution of PSD value of one (or more) period bins over time.

If a filename is specified the plot is saved to this file, otherwise a matplotlib figure is returned or shown.

Additional keyword arguments are passed on to _stack_selection() to restrict at which times PSD values are selected (e.g. to compare temporal evolution during a specific time span of each day).


For example plots see the Obspy Gallery.

  • period (float (or list thereof)) Period of PSD values to plot. The period bin with the central period that is closest to the specified value is selected. Multiple values can be specified in a list (color option should then also be a list of color specifications, or left None).
  • color (matplotlib color specification (or list thereof)) Color specification understood by matplotlib (or a list thereof in case of multiple periods to plot). None for default colors.
  • grid (bool) Enable/disable grid in histogram plot.
  • legend (bool) Enable/disable grid in histogram plot.
  • linestyle (str) Linestyle for lines in the plot (see matplotlib.pyplot.plot()).
  • marker (str) Marker for lines in the plot (see matplotlib.pyplot.plot()).
  • filename (str) Name of output file
  • show (bool) Enable/disable immediately showing the plot.