12.2.6. obspy.signal.trigger.pk_baer

pk_baer(reltrc, samp_int, tdownmax, tupevent, thr1, thr2, preset_len, p_dur)[source]

Wrapper for P-picker routine by M. Baer, Schweizer Erdbebendienst.

  • reltrc time series as numpy.ndarray float32 data, possibly filtered
  • samp_int number of samples per second
  • tdownmax if dtime exceeds tdownmax, the trigger is examined for validity
  • tupevent min nr of samples for itrm to be accepted as a pick
  • thr1 threshold to trigger for pick (c.f. paper)
  • thr2 threshold for updating sigma (c.f. paper)
  • preset_len no of points taken for the estimation of variance of SF(t) on preset()
  • p_dur p_dur defines the time interval for which the maximum amplitude is evaluated Originally set to 6 secs

(pptime, pfm) pptime sample number of parrival; pfm direction of first motion (U or D)


currently the first sample is not taken into account

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