class Arrival(phase, distance, time, purist_dist, ray_param, ray_param_index, name, purist_name, source_depth, receiver_depth, takeoff_angle=None, incident_angle=None)[source]

Bases: builtins.object

Convenience class for storing parameters associated with a phase arrival.

  • phase (SeismicPhase) Phase that generated this arrival
  • distance (float) Actual distance in degrees
  • time (float) Travel time in seconds
  • purist_dist (float) Purist angular distance (great circle) in radians
  • ray_param (float) Ray parameter in seconds per radians
  • name (str) Phase name
  • purist_name (str) Phase name changed for true depths
  • source_depth (float) Source depth in kilometers
  • incident_angle (float) Angle (in degrees) at which the ray arrives at the receiver
  • takeoff_angle (float) Angle (in degrees) at which the ray leaves the source
  • pierce (ndarray (dtype = TimeDist)) Points pierced by ray
  • path (ndarray (dtype = TimeDist)) Path taken by ray


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__weakref__ list of weak references to the object (if defined)
purist_distance Return the purist distance in degrees.
ray_param_sec_degree Return the ray parameter in seconds per degree.

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