bullen_depth_for(layer, ray_param, radius_of_planet, check=True)[source]

Finds the depth for a ray parameter within this layer.

Uses a Bullen interpolant, Ar^B. Special case for bot_p == 0 or bot_depth == radius_of_planet as these cause division by 0; use linear interpolation in this case.

The layer and ray_param parameters must be either 0-D, or both of the same shape.

  • layer (ndarray (shape = (1, ), dtype = SlownessLayer)) The layer(s) to check.
  • ray_param (float) The ray parameter(s) to use for calculation, in s/km.
  • radius_of_planet (float) The radius (in km) of the planet to use.

The depth (in km) for the specified ray parameter.

Return type: