SlownessModel.depth_in_high_slowness(depth, ray_param, is_p_wave)[source]

Determine if depth and slowness are within a high slowness zone.

Whether the high slowness zone includes its upper boundary and its lower boundaries depends upon the ray parameter. The slowness at the depth is needed because if depth happens to correspond to a discontinuity that marks the bottom of the high slowness zone but the ray is actually a total reflection then it is not part of the high slowness zone. The ray parameter that delimits the zone, i.e., it can turn at the top and the bottom, is in the zone at the top, but out of the zone at the bottom. (?)

NOTE: I changed this method a bit by throwing out some seemingly useless copying of the values in temp_range, which I think are not used anywhere else.

  • depth (float) The depth to check, in km.
  • ray_param (float) The slowness to check, in s/km.
  • is_p_wave (bool) Whether to check the P wave (True) or the S wave (False).

True if within a high slowness zone, False otherwise.

Return type: