TauPyModel.get_travel_times_geo(source_depth_in_km, source_latitude_in_deg, source_longitude_in_deg, receiver_latitude_in_deg, receiver_longitude_in_deg, phase_list=('ttall', ))[source]

Return travel times of every given phase given geographical data.


Note that the conversion from source and receiver latitudes and longitudes to epicentral distances respects the model’s flattening parameter, so this calculation can be performed for a ellipsoidal or spherical planet. However, the actual traveltime and raypath calculations are performed on a spherical planet. Ellipticity corrections of e.g. [Dziewonski1976] are not made.

  • source_depth_in_km (float) Source depth in km
  • source_latitude_in_deg (float) Source latitude in degrees
  • source_longitude_in_deg (float) Source longitude in degrees
  • receiver_latitude_in_deg (float) Receiver latitude in degrees
  • receiver_longitude_in_deg (float) Receiver longitude in degrees
  • phase_list (list of str) List of phases for which travel times should be calculated. If this is empty, all phases in arrivals object will be used.

List of Arrival objects, each of which has the time, corresponding phase name, ray parameter, takeoff angle, etc. as attributes.

Return type: