getTravelTimes(delta, depth, model='iasp91', phase_list=['ttall'])[source]

Returns travel times.

  • delta (float) Distance in degrees.
  • depth (float) Depth in kilometer.
  • model (str, optional) Either 'iasp91' or 'ak135' velocity model. Defaults to 'iasp91'.
  • phase_list (list of strings) List of desired phase names. Will be passed to taupy.
Return type:

list of dicts


A list of phase arrivals given in time order. Each phase is represented by a dictionary containing phase name, travel time in seconds, take-off angle, and the ray parameter.


>>> from obspy.taup.taup import getTravelTimes
>>> tt = getTravelTimes(delta=52.474, depth=611.0, model='ak135')
>>> len(tt)
>>> tt[0]  
{'phase_name': 'P', 'dT/dD': 7.1050525, 'take-off angle': 45.169445,
 'time': 497.53741}

Changed in version 0.10.0: Deprecated.

The backend is no longer the Fortran iasp-tau program but a Python port of the Java TauP library. A consequence of this is that the "dT/dh" and "d2T/dD2" values are no longer returned.

Furthermore this function now has a phase_list keyword argument.