Client._get_current_endtime(network, station, location, channel, sds_type=None, stop_time=None)[source]

Get time of last sample for given stream.

None is returned if no data at all is encountered when going backwards until stop_time (defaults to Jan 1st 1950).

  • network (str) Network code of requested data (e.g. “IU”).
  • station (str) Station code of requested data (e.g. “ANMO”).
  • location (str) Location code of requested data (e.g. “”).
  • channel (str) Channel code of requested data (e.g. “HHZ”).
  • sds_type (str) Override SDS data type identifier that was specified during client initialization.
  • stop_time (UTCDateTime) Time at which the search for data is stopped and None is returned. If not specified, stops at 1950-01-01T00.
Return type:

UTCDateTime or None