Client._get_waveforms(query_rows, merge=-1)[source]

Query tsindex database and read miniSEED data from local indexed directory tree using a bulk request and return a Stream object containing the requested timeseries data.

  • query_rows (list(tuple(str, str, str, str, UTCDateTime, UTCDateTime))) A list of tuples [(net, sta, loc, cha, starttime, endtime),...] containing information on what timeseries should be returned from the indexed archive. Wildcards ‘*’ and ‘?’ are supported.
  • merge (int or None) Specifies, which merge operation should be performed on the stream before returning the data. Default (-1) means only a conservative cleanup merge is performed to merge seamless traces (e.g. when reading across day boundaries). See Stream.merge() for details. If set to None (or False) no merge operation at all will be performed.