Indexer.__init__(root_path, database='timeseries.sqlite', leap_seconds_file='SEARCH', index_cmd='mseedindex', bulk_params=None, filename_pattern='*', parallel=5, loglevel='WARNING')[source]

Initializes the Indexer.

  • root_path (str) Root path to the directory structure to index.
  • database (str or TSIndexDatabaseHandler) Path to sqlite tsindex database or a TSIndexDatabaseHandler object. A database will be created if one does not already exists at the specified path.
  • leap_seconds_file (str)

    Path to leap seconds file. If set to “SEARCH” (default), then the program looks for a leap seconds file in the same directory as the sqlite3 database. If set to None then no leap seconds file will be used.

    In run() the leap seconds listed in this file will be used to adjust the time coverage for records that contain a leap second. Also, leap second indicators in the miniSEED headers will be ignored. See the mseedindex wiki for more” “for more information regarding this file.

  • index_cmd (str) Command to be run for each target file found that is not already in the index
  • bulk_params (dict) Dictionary of options to pass to index_cmd.
  • filename_pattern (str) Glob pattern to determine what files to index.
  • parallel (int) Max number of index_cmd instances to run in parallel. By default a max of 5 parallel process are run.
  • loglevel (str) logging verbosity