TSIndexDatabaseHandler._fetch_index_rows(query_rows=None, bulk_params=None)[source]

Fetch index rows matching specified request. This method is marked as private because the index schema is subject to change.

  • query_rows (list(tuple(str, str, str, str, UTCDateTime, UTCDateTime))) List of tuples containing (net,sta,loc,chan,start, end). By default everything is selected.
  • bulk_params (dict) Dict of bulk parameters (e.g. quality) Request elements may contain ‘?’ and ‘*’ wildcards. The start and end elements can be a single ‘*’ if not a date-time string.
Return type:



Return rows as list of named tuples containing: (network, station, location, channel, quality, starttime, endtime, samplerate, filename, byteoffset, bytes, hash, timeindex, timespans, timerates, format, filemodtime, updated, scanned, requeststart, requestend).