class _BaseRESTClient(client)[source]

Bases: object

Public Methods


DELETEs a XML resource.


Gets a resource.


Gets a XML resource.


PUTs a XML resource.

Special Methods

_BaseRESTClient.__delattr__(name, /)

Implement delattr(self, name).


Default dir() implementation.

_BaseRESTClient.__eq__(value, /)

Return self==value.

_BaseRESTClient.__format__(format_spec, /)

Default object formatter.

_BaseRESTClient.__ge__(value, /)

Return self>=value.

_BaseRESTClient.__getattribute__(name, /)

Return getattr(self, name).

_BaseRESTClient.__gt__(value, /)

Return self>value.


Return hash(self).


This method is called when a class is subclassed.

The default implementation does nothing. It may be overridden to extend subclasses.

_BaseRESTClient.__le__(value, /)

Return self<=value.

_BaseRESTClient.__lt__(value, /)

Return self<value.

_BaseRESTClient.__ne__(value, /)

Return self!=value.


Helper for pickle.

_BaseRESTClient.__reduce_ex__(protocol, /)

Helper for pickle.


Return repr(self).

_BaseRESTClient.__setattr__(name, value, /)

Implement setattr(self, name, value).


Size of object in memory, in bytes.


Return str(self).


Abstract classes can override this to customize issubclass().

This is invoked early on by abc.ABCMeta.__subclasscheck__(). It should return True, False or NotImplemented. If it returns NotImplemented, the normal algorithm is used. Otherwise, it overrides the normal algorithm (and the outcome is cached).