Response._call_eval_resp_for_frequencies(frequencies, output='VEL', start_stage=None, end_stage=None, hide_sensitivity_mismatch_warning=False)[source]

Returns frequency response for given frequencies using evalresp.

Also returns the overall sensitivity frequency and its gain.

  • frequencies (list of float) Discrete frequencies to calculate response for.
  • output (str)

    Output units. One of:

    displacement, output unit is meters
    velocity, output unit is meters/second
    acceleration, output unit is meters/second**2
  • start_stage (int, optional) Stage sequence number of first stage that will be used (disregarding all earlier stages).
  • end_stage (int, optional) Stage sequence number of last stage that will be used (disregarding all later stages).
  • hide_sensitivity_mismatch_warning (bool) Hide the evalresp warning that computed and reported sensitivities don’t match.
Return type:

tuple:( numpy.ndarray, chan )


frequency response at requested frequencies