Equipment.__init__(type=None, description=None, manufacturer=None, vendor=None, model=None, serial_number=None, installation_date=None, removal_date=None, calibration_dates=None, resource_id=None)[source]
  • type (str) The equipment type
  • description (str) Description of the equipment
  • manufacturer (str) The manufacturer of the equipment
  • vendor (str) The vendor of the equipment
  • model (str) The model of the equipment
  • serial_number (str) The serial number of the equipment
  • installation_date (UTCDateTime) The installation date of the equipment
  • removal_date (UTCDateTime) The removal data of the equipment
  • calibration_dates (list of UTCDateTime) A list with all calibration dates of the equipment.
  • resource_id (str) This field contains a string that should serve as a unique resource identifier. This identifier can be interpreted differently depending on the data center/software that generated the document. Also, we recommend to use something like GENERATOR:Meaningful ID. As a common behavior equipment with the same ID should contain the same information/be derived from the same base instruments.