_plot_basemap_into_axes(ax, lons, lats, size, color, bmap=None, labels=None, projection='global', resolution='l', continent_fill_color='0.8', water_fill_color='1.0', colormap=None, marker='o', title=None, adjust_aspect_to_colorbar=False, **kwargs)[source]

Creates a (or adds to existing) basemap plot with a data point scatter plot in given axes.

See plot_basemap() for details on most args/kwargs.

  • ax (matplotlib.axes.Axes) Existing matplotlib axes instance, optionally with previous basemap plot (see bmap kwarg).
  • bmap (mpl_toolkits.basemap.Basemap) Basemap instance in provided matplotlib Axes ax to reuse. If specified, any kwargs regarding the basemap plot setup will be ignored (i.e. projection, resolution, continent_fill_color, water_fill_color).
Return type:



Matplotlib path collection (e.g. to reuse for colorbars).