classmethod SACTrace._from_arrays(hf=None, hi=None, hs=None, data=None)[source]

Low-level array-based constructor.

This constructor is good for getting a “blank” SAC object, and is used in other, perhaps more useful, alternate constructors (“See Also”). No value checking is done and header values are completely overwritten with the provided arrays, which is why this is a hidden constructor.


If omitted or None, the header arrays are intialized according to arrayio.init_header_arrays(). If data is omitted, it is simply set to None on the corresponding SACTrace.


>>> sac = SACTrace._from_arrays()
>>> print(sac)  
Reference Time = XX/XX/XX (XXX) XX:XX:XX.XXXXXX
    iztype not set
lcalda     = True
leven      = False
lovrok     = False
lpspol     = False