SEGYFile.__init__(file=None, endian=None, textual_header_encoding=None, unpack_headers=False, headonly=False, read_traces=True)[source]

Class that internally handles SEG Y files.

  • file A file like object with the file pointer set at the beginning of the SEG Y file. If file is None, an empty SEGYFile object will be initialized.
  • endian The endianness of the file. If None, autodetection will be used.
  • textual_header_encoding The encoding of the textual header. Either ‘EBCDIC’, ‘ASCII’ or None. If it is None, autodetection will be attempted. If it is None and file is also None, it will default to ‘ASCII’.
  • unpack_headers (bool) Determines whether or not all headers will be unpacked during reading the file. Has a huge impact on the memory usage and the performance. They can be unpacked on-the-fly after being read. Defaults to False.
  • headonly (bool) Determines whether or not the actual data records will be read and unpacked. Has a huge impact on memory usage. Data will not be unpackable on-the-fly. Defaults to False.
  • read_traces (bool) Data traces will only be read if this is set to True. The data will be completely ignored if this is set to False.