SEGYTrace.__init__(file=None, data_encoding=4, endian='>', unpack_headers=False, filesize=None, headonly=False)[source]

Convenience class that internally handles a single SEG Y trace.

  • file Open file like object with the file pointer of the beginning of a trace. If it is None, an empty trace will be created.
  • data_encoding

    The data sample format code as defined in the binary file header:

    4 byte IBM floating point
    4 byte Integer, two’s complement
    2 byte Integer, two’s complement
    4 byte Fixed point with gain
    4 byte IEEE floating point
    1 byte Integer, two’s complement

    Defaults to 4.

  • big_endian (bool) True means the header is encoded in big endian and False corresponds to a little endian header.
  • unpack_headers (bool) Determines whether or not all headers will be unpacked during reading the file. Has a huge impact on the memory usage and the performance. They can be unpacked on-the-fly after being read. Defaults to False.
  • filesize (int) Filesize of the file. If not given it will be determined using fstat which is slow.
  • headonly bool
  • headonly Determines whether or not the actual data records will be read and unpacked. Has a huge impact on memory usage. Data will not be unpackable on-the-fly after reading the file. Defaults to False.