RtTrace.register_rt_process(process, **options)[source]

Adds real-time processing algorithm to processing list of this RtTrace.

Processing function must be one of:
%s. % REALTIME_PROCESS_FUNCTIONS.keys() or a non-recursive, time-domain NumPy or ObsPy function which takes a single array as an argument and returns an array
  • process (str or function) Specifies which processing function is added, e.g. "boxcar" or np.abs` (functions without brackets). See obspy.realtime.signal for all predefined processing functions.
  • options (dict, optional) Required keyword arguments to be passed the respective processing function, e.g. width=100 for 'boxcar' process. See obspy.realtime.signal for all options.
Return type:



Length of processing list after registering new processing function.