mwpintegral(trace, max_time, ref_time, mem_time=1.0, gain=1.0, rtmemory_list=None)[source]

Calculate Mwp integral on a displacement trace.

See also

[Tsuboi1999] and [Tsuboi1995]

  • trace (Trace) Trace object to append to this RtTrace
  • max_time (float) Maximum time in seconds after ref_time to apply Mwp integration.
  • ref_time (UTCDateTime) Reference date and time of the data sample (e.g. P pick time) at which to begin Mwp integration.
  • mem_time (float, optional) Length in seconds of data memory (must be much larger than maximum delay between pick declaration and pick time). Defaults to 1.0.
  • gain (float, optional) Nominal gain to convert input displacement trace to meters of ground displacement. Defaults to 1.0.
  • rtmemory_list (list of RtMemory, optional) Persistent memory used by this process for specified trace.
Return type:

NumPy numpy.ndarray


Processed trace data from appended Trace object.