vidale_adapt(stream, noise_thres, fs, flow, fhigh, spoint, stime, etime)[source]

Adaptive window polarization analysis after [Vidale1986] with the modification of adapted analysis window estimated by estimating the instantaneous frequency. It returns the azimuth, incidence, rectilinearity planarity and ellipticity.

  • stream (Stream) ZNE containing trace data
  • noise_thres (float) Variance of the noise sphere; data points are excluded when falling within the sphere of radius sqrt(noise_thres), Default = 0
  • fs (float) sampling rate
  • flow (float) lower frequency limit for analysis
  • fhigh (float) upper frequency limit for analysis
  • spoint (numpy.ndarray) array with traces’ individual start times in samples
  • stime (UTCDateTime) start time of the analysis
  • etime (UTCDateTime) end time for the analysis

list of tuples containing azimuth, incidence, rectilinearity, planarity, and ellipticity