rotate_zne_lqt(z, n, e, ba, inc)[source]

Rotates all components of a seismogram.

The components will be rotated from ZNE (Z, North, East, left-handed) to LQT (e.g. ray coordinate system, right-handed). The rotation angles are given as the back-azimuth and inclination.

The transformation consists of 3 steps:

1. mirroring of E-component at ZN plain: ZNE -> ZNW
2. negative rotation of coordinate system around Z-axis with angle ba:
   ZNW -> ZRT
3. negative rotation of coordinate system around T-axis with angle inc:
   ZRT -> LQT
  • z (ndarray) Data of the Z component of the seismogram.
  • n (ndarray) Data of the North component of the seismogram.
  • e (ndarray) Data of the East component of the seismogram.
  • ba (float) The back azimuth from station to source in degrees.
  • inc (float) The inclination of the ray at the station in degrees.

L-, Q- and T-component of seismogram.