SlownessModel.split_layer(depth, is_p_wave)[source]

Split a slowness layer into two slowness layers.

The interpolation for splitting a layer is a Bullen p=Ar^B and so does not directly use information from the VelocityModel.

  • depth (float) The depth at which attempt a split, in km.
  • is_p_wave (bool) Whether to split based on P (True) or S (False) wave.

Information about the split as (or if) it was performed, such that:

  • needed_split=True if a layer was actually split;
  • moved_sample=True if a layer was very close, and so moving the layer’s depth is better than making a very thin layer;
  • ray_param=..., the new ray parameter (in s/km), if the layer was split.

Return type: