obspy.io.gcf - Guralp Compressed Format read support for ObsPy

This module provides read support for GCF waveform data and header info. Most methods are based on info from Guralp site http://geophysics.eas.gatech.edu/GTEQ/Scream4.4/GCF_Specification.htm

copyright:The ObsPy Development Team (devs@obspy.org) & Ran Novitsky Nof
license:GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3 (https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html)


Similar to reading any other waveform data format using obspy.core The format will be determined automatically.

>>> from obspy import read
>>> st = read("/path/to/20160603_1955n.gcf")

You can also specify the following keyword arguments that change the behavior of reading the file: * headonly=True: Read only the header part, not the actual data


core GCF bindings to ObsPy core module.