_internal_read_su(file, endian=None, unpack_headers=False, headonly=False)[source]

Reads on open file object and returns a SUFile object.

  • file Open file like object.
  • endian (str) String that determines the endianness of the file. Either ‘>’ for big endian or ‘<’ for little endian. If it is None, obspy.io.segy will try to autodetect the endianness. The endianness is always valid for the whole file.
  • unpack_header (bool) Determines whether or not all headers will be unpacked during reading the file. Has a huge impact on the memory usage and the performance. They can be unpacked on-the-fly after being read. Defaults to False.
  • headonly (bool) Determines whether or not the actual data records will be unpacked. Useful if one is just interested in the headers. Defaults to False.