plot_tfr(st, dt=0.01, t0=0.0, fmin=1.0, fmax=10.0, nf=100, w0=6, left=0.1, bottom=0.1, h_1=0.2, h_2=0.6, w_1=0.2, w_2=0.6, w_cb=0.01, d_cb=0.0, show=True, plot_args=['k', 'k'], clim=0.0, cmap=<matplotlib.colors.LinearSegmentedColormap object at 0x4309140c>, mode='absolute', fft_zero_pad_fac=0)[source]

Plot time frequency representation, spectrum and time series of the signal.

  • st signal, type numpy.ndarray with shape (number of components, number of time samples) or (number of timesamples, ) for single component data
  • dt time step between two samples in st
  • t0 starting time for plotting
  • fmin minimal frequency to be analyzed
  • fmax maximal frequency to be analyzed
  • nf number of frequencies (will be chosen with logarithmic spacing)
  • w0 parameter for the wavelet, tradeoff between time and frequency resolution
  • left plot distance from the left of the figure
  • bottom plot distance from the bottom of the figure
  • h_1 height of the signal axis
  • h_2 height of the TFR/spectrum axis
  • w_1 width of the spectrum axis
  • w_2 width of the TFR/signal axes
  • w_cb width of the colorbar axes
  • d_cb distance of the colorbar axes to the other axes
  • show show figure or return
  • plot_args list of plot arguments passed to the signal and spectrum plots
  • clim limits of the colorbars
  • cmap colormap for TFEM/TFPM, either a string or matplotlib.cm.Colormap instance
  • mode ‘absolute’ for absolute value of TFR, ‘power’ for |TFR|^2
  • fft_zero_pad_fac integer, if > 0, the signal is zero padded to nfft = next_pow_2(len(st)) * fft_zero_pad_fac to get smoother spectrum in the low frequencies (has no effect on the TFR and might make demeaning/tapering necessary to avoid artifacts)

If show is False, returns a matplotlib.pyplot.figure object (single component data) or a list of figure objects (multi component data)


>>> from obspy import read
>>> tr = read("https://examples.obspy.org/a02i.2008.240.mseed")[0]
>>> plot_tfr(tr.data, dt=tr.stats.delta, fmin=.01, 
...         fmax=50., w0=8., nf=64, fft_zero_pad_fac=4)

(Source code, png, hires.png)