bullen_radial_slowness(layer, p, radius_of_planet, check=True)[source]

Calculate time and distance increments of a spherical ray.

The time and distance (in radians) increments accumulated by a ray of spherical ray parameter p when passing through this layer. Note that this gives half of the true range and time increments since there will be both an upgoing and a downgoing path. Here we use the Mohorovicic or Bullen law: p=A*r^B

The layer and p parameters must be either 0-D, or both of the same shape.

  • layer (ndarray, dtype = SlownessLayer) The layer(s) in which to calculate the increments.
  • p (ndarray, dtype = float) The spherical ray paramater to use for calculation, in s/km.
  • radius_of_planet (float) The radius of the planet to use, in km.
  • check (bool) Check that the calculated results are not invalid. This check may be disabled if the layers requested are expected not to include the specified ray.

Time (in s) and distance (in rad) increments.

Return type:

tuple of ndarray