RoutingClient(routing_type, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Helper function to get the correct routing instance.


routing_type (str) – The type of router to initialize. "iris-federator" or "eida-routing". Will consequently return either a FederatorRoutingClient or a EIDAWSRoutingClient object, respectively.

Remaining args and kwargs will be passed to the underlying classes. For example, credentials can be supported for all underlying data centers. See BaseRoutingClient for details.

>>> from obspy.clients.fdsn import RoutingClient

Get an instance of a routing client using the IRIS Federator:

>>> c = RoutingClient("iris-federator")
>>> print(type(c))  
<class '...routing.federator_routing_client.FederatorRoutingClient'>

Or get an instance of a routing client using the EIDAWS routing web service:

>>> c = RoutingClient("eida-routing")
>>> print(type(c))  
<class '...routing.eidaws_routing_client.EIDAWSRoutingClient'>