beach(fm, linewidth=2, facecolor='b', bgcolor='w', edgecolor='k', alpha=1.0, xy=(0, 0), width=200, size=100, nofill=False, zorder=100, axes=None)[source]

Return a beach ball as a collection which can be connected to an current matplotlib axes instance (ax.add_collection).

S1, D1, and R1, the strike, dip and rake of one of the focal planes, can be vectors of multiple focal mechanisms.

  • fm Focal mechanism that is either number of mechanisms (NM) by 3 (strike, dip, and rake) or NM x 6 (M11, M22, M33, M12, M13, M23 - the six independent components of the moment tensor, where the coordinate system is 1,2,3 = Up,South,East which equals r,theta,phi - Harvard/Global CMT convention). The relation to Aki and Richards x,y,z equals North,East,Down convention is as follows: Mrr=Mzz, Mtt=Mxx, Mpp=Myy, Mrt=Mxz, Mrp=-Myz, Mtp=-Mxy. The strike is of the first plane, clockwise relative to north. The dip is of the first plane, defined clockwise and perpendicular to strike, relative to horizontal such that 0 is horizontal and 90 is vertical. The rake is of the first focal plane solution. 90 moves the hanging wall up-dip (thrust), 0 moves it in the strike direction (left-lateral), -90 moves it down-dip (normal), and 180 moves it opposite to strike (right-lateral).
  • facecolor Color to use for quadrants of tension; can be a string, e.g. 'r', 'b' or three component color vector, [R G B]. Defaults to 'b' (blue).
  • bgcolor The background color. Defaults to 'w' (white).
  • edgecolor Color of the edges. Defaults to 'k' (black).
  • alpha The alpha level of the beach ball. Defaults to 1.0 (opaque).
  • xy Origin position of the beach ball as tuple. Defaults to (0, 0).
  • width (int or tuple) Symbol size of beach ball, or tuple for elliptically shaped patches. Defaults to size 200.
  • size Controls the number of interpolation points for the curves. Minimum is automatically set to 100.
  • nofill Do not fill the beach ball, but only plot the planes.
  • zorder Set zorder. Artists with lower zorder values are drawn first.
  • axes (matplotlib.axes.Axes) Used to make beach balls circular on non-scaled axes. Also maintains the aspect ratio when resizing the figure. Will not add the returned collection to the axes instance.