MiniSEED specific utilities.

Public Functions


Counts all data quality, I/O, and activity flags of the given MiniSEED file and returns statistics about the timing quality if applicable.


Returns record information about given files and file-like object.


Returns the start and end time of a MiniSEED file or file-like object.



Updates a given MiniSEED file with some fixed header flags.


Takes a MiniSEED file and shifts the time of every record by the given amount.

Private Functions


Private functions are mainly for internal/developer use and their API might change without notice.


Search for a given flag in a given blockette for the current record.


Helper function to handle and test encodings.


Takes a obspy.util.UTCDateTime object and returns an epoch time in ms.


Converts a flag dictionary to a byte, ready to be encoded in a MiniSEED header.


Internal method used for setting header attributes.


Takes a MiniSEED timestamp and returns a obspy.util.UTCDateTime object.


Takes a Ctypes array and its length and type and returns it as a NumPy array.


Helper function to decode header fields.


Searches the first MiniSEED record stored in file_object at the current position and returns some information about it.


Search for a given flag in a given blockette for the current record.


Unpack steim1 compressed data given as numpy array.


Unpack steim2 compressed data given as numpy array.