blanksfile(wavefile, evtype, userid, overwrite=False, evtime=None, nordic_format='OLD')[source]

Generate an empty s-file with a populated header for a given waveform.

  • wavefile (str) – Wave-file to associate with this S-file, the timing of the S-file will be taken from this file if evtime is not set.

  • evtype (str) – Event type letter code, e.g. L, R, D

  • userid (str) – 4-character SEISAN USER ID

  • overwrite (bool) – Overwrite an existing S-file, default=False

  • evtime (UTCDateTime) – If given this will set the timing of the S-file

  • nordic_format (str) – Version of Nordic format to be used for output, either OLD or NEW.


str, S-file name